your childhood candy - but better
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of Sugar
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No Artificial

we aren’t just any sweet treat, we're all that and a bag of candy too!

Remember your childhood candy? So do we!

Healthy Hippo wants to give you all the pure simple joy of nostalgic candy - but with all the better-for-you ingredients you want now.
Low sugar and vegan (of course), no artificial anythings and most importantly, made with monkfruit so we're still delicious.
(no shade, just sunny smiles as far as the eye can see).

we've got
flavour on lock
(get it? because sour keys?)

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sour hippo gummies

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hippo gummies

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sour keys

12 PACK Add to cart | $47.88
variety pack

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Our limited edition variety pack will send your tastebuds to heaven and back!

12 PACK | Includes 4 of each series

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