it all starts with a dream

Creating healthier alternatives to unhealthy foods has always been one of Ashley’s greatest passions.
As a new mother, sweet tooth enthusiast and passionate plant-based advocate, Ashley realized that candy (one of her all-time favourite foods) could be so much better for you without all the artificial ingredients. The idea of creating her own fabulous better-for-you confectionery then came to mind and Healthy Hippo was born.

At a very early age, Ashley was introduced to the world of plant-based foods. She grew up closely observing her entrepreneurial mother as she founded the widely successful manufacturing company, Big Mountain Foods. Ashley loved watching her mother create innovative vegan recipes, all while learning how food could be more friendly to our health and diet without compromising on taste.

With the support of her family and her loving husband, Ashley has paved her way into the food industry with a focus on upgrading all the good of the old, but with a better-for-you quality! She continues to be hands-on with the development process, even now, four years down the road.
(Get her started on the food science behind everything at your own peril - it'll be soluble fibres for days.)

With Healthy Hippo, Ashley will continue developing outstanding candy with better ingredients, and fulfill her mission to give every sweet tooth the satisfaction it deserves!

why the hippo?

Hipp Story

Well, first thing’s first – did you know that hippos have a plant-based diet?

However, don’t be fooled, that doesn’t mean they are the sweetest of the bunch! If anyone or anything attempts to bring bad vibes to their territory, that’s when they can potentially become a little (or a lot) dangerous. Those teeth are made for chomping and that's just what they’ll do!

But, that basically sums up how we like to enjoy our candy, right? *Chomp, chomp*

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